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We’re pushing for even better carbon accountability, and want to know what you think. From now until June 14, you can provide your input about proposed changes to our certification Standard.
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A milestone update for real climate action

Five years ago, we launched our climate certification to get consumer brands to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Now, we’re the leading climate action label in the U.S. But as the climate crisis worsens, we need new ways to spark investment in a low-carbon future.
This year, we’re working on an update to our Standard that will create a scoreboard for financial accountability around greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. After a thorough, stakeholder-guided process, we will have our certification Standard updated for use beginning in 2025.

Track full climate transition investments

The evolved framework will evaluate how much companies are investing in the global net-zero transition. Certification will comprehensively assess investments across qualifying value chain projects, carbon credits, clean energy, and other initiatives. The framework will provide a new scorecard for financial accountability.

Create standardized internal carbon pricing

The framework will create a uniform approach to setting and applying an internal carbon price that is transparent and documented. This will create incentives for companies to factor carbon emission costs into their business decisions, and make it easier to understand a company’s climate initiatives.

Continued emphasis on reduction outcomes

Clear year-on-year tracking and disclosure of emissions, along with required target-setting and action planning, will make it possible to assess each certified company’s emissions reduction progress and priorities across their value chain.

Promote Climate Justice and Advocacy

The framework will include incentives to contribute to climate advocacy, policy, education, and climate justice. The enormity of climate change requires collective action, from new policies and regulations that limit emissions to greater investment in communities that bear an unjust burden.

Embracing Transparency and Accountability

“How companies actually invest in climate action matters more than aspirational pledges. The transparency at the heart of The Change Climate Project’s approach, as they evolve their Standard, can help ensure that climate goals and promises are backed by the progress we need to see in this decisive decade.”
Environmental Defense Fund
Elizabeth Sturcken
Managing Director
"As a co-op, we know we can accomplish far more when we work together in pursuit of a common goal. We see this effort by TCCP as a valuable convening opportunity that could accelerate progress in our collective fight against the climate crisis, and we are excited to be a part of it."
Greg Gausewitz
Senior Manager, Product Sustainability
“Climate action is essential today. As accountability for carbon emissions is a rapidly evolving space, TCCP’s evolving Standard will help point brands in the right direction by making value chain decarbonization a priority, while encouraging actions that can be taken in the near-term. We look forward to seeing this pioneering approach come to life, and the collective action it can bring.”
Aileen Lerch
Director of Sustainability

Your feedback is critical to the success of this initiative!

The current draft of the changes to the Standard is now open for public comment. This draft was compiled through dozens of conversations with stakeholders. Now we need your input to further refine the draft. Your participation is key to ensuring our label remains a leading symbol of corporate climate action and accountability.
Share your thoughts and opinions now in our Public Input Survey!

Timeline for Updating our Standard

October 2023

Changed our name to The Change Climate Project (TCCP) to better represent our broader vision.

November 2023 – January 2024

Consulted hundreds of sustainability thought leaders, NGOs and companies to inform the biggest update to our consumer-focused standard and label since our founding in 2019.

February 2024

Released initial draft of the Provisional Certification Requirements for early stakeholder feedback.

March 2024

Began beta testing with a limited group of participating companies.

April 2024

Start of a 60-day public comment period to gather insights and feedback from our wider community.

May – August 2024

Collect and synthesize feedback on the Standard from beta testing period and public input. Evaluate design and wording alternatives for the certification label.

Fall 2024

Public launch of the updated 2025 Standard and label.

January 2025

Begin certifying companies under the 2025 Standard.

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