Program Fees

Last updated: October 20, 2022.

Our nonprofit work is
funded by grants, donations, and program fees.

These fees apply to companies in 2023.

Annual Certification

To become Climate Neutral Certified, everyone pays a Brand License Fee. There is a minimum fee of $800, and the total fee is based on annual emissions:

Emissions (metric tonnes)
Brand License Fee (per metric tonne)
First 5,000
Next 25,000
Next 100,000
Tonnes above 130,000

IN ADDITION, certifying companies pay a fee for Certification & Measurement Support, unless they qualify for the (a) open certification program (revenues >$5m and significant capacity to self-lead the certification work); (b) small business program (revenues <$5m); or (c) 50% discount for nonprofits.

2022 Revenues
Certification & Measurement Support Fee
$5 - $100m

What's Included

Self-service Resources for Certification

Extensive self-service resources, including online and offline materials to help you meet the requirements for certification and prepare your application.

Marketing Resources

Participation in marketing and consumer engagement activations that raise awareness of climate change and the importance of immediate action. Includes assets and content to help you announce and promote your status as a Climate Neutral Certified brand.

Educational Programs‍

A full library of educational resources, from our large Slack community to workshops, content, and events.

Carbon Credit Provider Directory

A directory of carbon credit providers including project options, provider info, and purchase links to eligible verified carbon credits. 

Reduction Planning Tools

Our reduction tools allow brands to identify and select reduction actions. Explore recommended reduction actions based on your emissions hot spots. 

Community Benefits

Early access to the certified company Slack community, educational events, workshops, and additional networking opportunities.

What else is included with Certification & Measurement Support:

Guided Program

A hands-on guided program to lead you through certification requirements with preset deadlines, group support and 1:1 check-ins.

The Business Emissions Evaluator

License to Climate Neutral’s carbon measurement platform, the Business Emissions Evaluator (BEE).

Measurement and Reduction Coaching

Measurement and Reduction coaching includes specified 1:1 touch-points and group workshops as well as chat and email support. 


The Brand License Fee and Certification & Measurement Support fees do not include the cost of your investments in internal reductions, clean energy, or eligible verified carbon credits.

  • The Certification & Measurement Support fee is due upon signing the Brand License Agreement (first-time certifying brands) and upon certification kickoff (re-certifying brands).
  • The Brand License Fee is due at the end of the certification process.
  • Companies with less than $5m in annual revenue are automatically opted into the Small Business Program, but can upgrade to Certification & Measurement Support by paying the Medium brand fee.
  • Nonprofit organizations with emissions <1,000 tonnes receive a 50% discount.
  • All fees are non-refundable.

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The Business Emissions Evaluator (BEE)

NON-CERTIFYING COMPANIES and those working independently on certification may purchase a standalone license to the Business Emissions Evaluator (BEE) to begin carbon measurement.

A graphic visualization of a carbon emissions inventory from the Brand Emissions Estimator tool

Annual User License


  • End-to-end tool for measuring your brand’s cradle-to-customer carbon emissions

  • A full Measurement Guide, including step by step video instruction guides and FAQ

  • Online chat-based support and Q&A

  • An invitation to our #measure Slack channel for additional support

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