About Us

The Change Climate Project is a nonprofit organization working to eliminate carbon emissions.

We believe consumers and brands must work together to drive the world toward the net-zero future that science tells us we urgently need.
Our Impact


Eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by creating the world's most recognized and trusted climate label, paired with accessible, action-focused tools and resources.


Every business in the world operates with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Impact Goal

One billion tonnes by 2030.

Our Impact

All Climate Neutral Certified brands measure, reduce, and compensate for their emissions. By doing so, they are setting the standard for immediate corporate climate action.

322 Certified Brands

Measured all of the carbon emissions from making and delivering products and services to customers.

700+ Reductions

Undertaken by brands seeking to limit their footprints by understanding and accounting for their carbon.

1,156,260 Tonnes

CO2 measured in the past year, and mitigated through a portfolio of projects including reforestation and renewable energy development.

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The History of The Change Climate Project

The Change Climate Project (TCCP) was originally launched as the nonprofit Climate Neutral. The organization's work was inspired by the direct experience of our two founding organizations,  Peak Design and BioLite, which have been carbon neutral since 2018 and 2012, and are united by a common belief that being accountable for carbon is the new normal for responsible business.

Peter Dering and Jonathan Cedar, the CEOs of Peak Design and BioLite, wondered why more businesses weren't calculating and taking responsibility for their carbon emissions. They explored the barriers to adoption and uncovered a simple profound insight: somewhere along the way, the carbon conversation got really complicated – and it fundamentally doesn’t have to be.

Peter proposed consumers should be able to identify carbon neutral products as easily as certified organic products, and Jonathan quickly agreed with the analogy. The idea inspired Austin Whitman to leave a job in climate tech and policy and come on board as co-founder and CEO. Together with a massive effort from many on the BioLite and Peak Design teams, Climate Neutral was launched in June 2019.

The organization has grown and flourished and we now touch hundreds of companies and millions of consumers each year. Addressing the planet’s need for urgent climate action, our work sparks high impact corporate climate initiatives. Our tools and process make it easy for companies to get on the path to net-zero, while our label helps consumers quickly identify those brands who have done so.

In October 2023 we took on a new name: The Change Climate Project. With it, we continue to pursue the high-impact work of mobilizing millions of companies, consumers, volunteers, partners, to take leadership and seek opportunity within the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.

Whether you're a company or a funder or individual: please join us.

Our Values

Climate change is a crisis and an opportunity. Each day our team is driven by the mission to cause carbon reductions at a large scale.

We take on this work rooted by these beliefs:

Impact is Everything 🎯

We’re here to eliminate carbon emissions. To make an actual difference in this world. We act with immediacy, and dream of a world where we’ve motivated every brand, reached every consumer, and put a climate accountability label on every product.

Build with Community 👋

The highest impact solutions will enable and be enabled by others. We’re part of a community, so we work with partners, break down silos, and bridge gaps. We listen to and respect every voice, build inclusively, and have fun.

Yes, and... 🧩

There’s no silver bullet to the climate crisis. At every chance we work to grow the movement inclusively. Everyone wins if we take on climate change the right way.

Optimism & Agency 🌱

Hope makes the hard things easier. We motivate ourselves and others by remembering that solutions are possible, and there is transformative power in everyone.

Success takes Endurance ⏱

Complex challenges aren’t solved quickly, but they can always be solved in the long run. So we plan, prepare, and pace ourselves.

Rigor and Accountability 📊

To build trust, we attend to details. We mind the science, set high standards, and carry high expectations. We learn openly, build on learnings, and share for the benefit of others.

Celebrate 🎉

We acknowledge the wins. They are the stepping stones on the journey toward a prosperous planet and a low-carbon future.