Business Emissions Evaluator (BEE)

The accessible and efficient way to measure your brand's cradle-to-customer
greenhouse gas emissions - and then start eliminating them.

Accessible software, built for
climate action

As an impact-driven nonprofit, we believe in accessible tools for measuring and managing corporate carbon emissions. In an increasingly crowded landscape of carbon accounting tools, the BEE stands out as a low-cost option that allows companies to measure faster and more simply, and then invest their dollars directly in climate solutions.

Accelerate your journey with rapid estimation

The BEE accepts simple financial data to estimate carbon emissions in just a few moments. Any company can estimate their emissions today - and they should. It’s the only way to get started, and it’s why we make BEE estimation free to anyone who would like to use it. Ready to go further? Access purchase and physical inventory data refinement and guides to sharpen your carbon measurement, with a low-cost, annual license to the BEE. 

Visualize your carbon emissions

Drawing from a deep library of publicly-funded emissions factors, the BEE captures the depth and range of products you really buy in your supply chain and operations. The BEE's data visualization lets you quickly see your company's emissions, zoom into the biggest drivers, and implement operations improvements for the greatest change.

Carbon measurement designed for impact

The Business Emissions Evaluator offers businesses of any size an effective alternative to expensive carbon accounting systems. Our software uses the same leading datasets and accounting principles as other leading platforms, but has a more transparent methodology and far lower costs.

Estimate for free. Refine with a license.


$0 / unlimited
For rapid estimation of your carbon emissions based on simple financial data, to start your climate journey.
Swift estimation of Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions.
Emissions visualizations to assess areas with greatest opportunity for change.
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Who Uses the BEE?

Since 2019, over 95% of Climate Neutral Certified brands

“We have been using BEE since 2020 to calculate our CO2 footprint. Over the last 2 years, we have found the BEE to evolve significantly with an easier to use interface and options to quickly revise any aspect of emission. BEE is the only tool we use: easy, authentic and reliable.”

Vahdam Teas
Ketan Desai
Chief Educator

“As a Climate Neutral Certified brand for the 2nd year running, using Climate Neutral’s proprietary BEE software significantly reduced the time and effort required for us to measure our corporate carbon footprint. It was a genuinely gratifying experience because we could visualize and understand the different sources of our emissions and easily find ways to reduce them.”

Booth & Partners
Jamie Booth
Managing Director

“Our switch to the BEE for measurement this year was such an improvement! Integrating the Google spreadsheet with the visual software was helpful for our team when working on our measurements and sharing our footprint. This year felt much more automated as a process overall. Breaking our footprint into each scope and specific portions was a great way for us to easily choose what to focus on for our reduction goals.”

Innersense Organic Beauty
Tessa Moody
Senior Marketing Associate