Your customers and employees expect you to lead on climate.

Climate Neutral Certified is the standard for clear and immediate climate action. Managed independently, designed for climate impact, trusted by hundreds of brands.
A credible climate plan is now mission critical for all businesses. Whether you’re a sustainability pioneer or just getting started, we urge you to join our movement.
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Built for climate impact

As an independent nonprofit, we follow the science. Our vision is to create the world’s most recognized and trusted climate label, paired with accessible, action-focused tools and resources.

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Open access standard

We can work with you end-to-end during certification. Or someone else can help you measure and plan and submit for review. We're open to whatever creates more impact, sooner.

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Fits all* businesses

For brands new to climate work, certification is your first roadmap. For those further along, it’s a way to communicate your work and join others. (*Just don’t ask us to certify your oil company.)

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Built for communication

The Climate Neutral Certified label is a badge of carbon accountability. It's designed to be credible, rigorous, and clear enough for your Uncle Louie to understand.

Go past carbon accounting
to carbon accountability

Measuring carbon emissions is important - but it is only a first step. Our priority is to get companies to focus on what comes next: using the insights from carbon measurement to take measurable actions. Our label is a symbol of companies that work actively to decarbonize across their entire business - value chain and beyond.

How Certification works
Climate Neutral Certified label on a product tag.
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What you get
when you get certified

A license to use the label as long as you stay certified
Accessible tools for marketing, communications, and reduction planning
A community to meet and collaborate with other climate professionals
Join us

The Change Climate Project in the News

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How Climate Neutral Certification Helps Companies Reduce Carbon Emissions

“What about the criticism levied by some that carbon offsets are not enough? Actual reductions must also happen? Whitman agrees. That’s why Climate Neutral requires both. For one main reason, according to Whitman: Only a smattering of companies have historically met their commitments. Reductions alone won’t do the trick. And neither will offsets.”

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How to shop for the best eco-friendly products

"Climate Neutral offers brands certification if they commit to reducing emissions based on its calculator, which is itself based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, a widely-used greenhouse gas accounting standard."

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"It's easy to tell if products are organic, Fair Trade certified, or made in America--they often bear a certification stamp to prove it. Why isn't there an equivalent for companies to disclose their impact on climate change?"