BEE Updates: July User Notes

Sarah Shoemaker
July 28, 2022
Looking to get started with carbon measurement? Take a look at the newest updates and improvements in our July 2022 User Notes for the Brand Emissions Estimator.

We've been hard at work since the launch of new Brand Emissions Estimator (BEE) earlier this year, making continued updates to add features and improve capabilities in response to user feedback. Whether you're using the BEE for measurement en route to becoming Climate Neutral Certified or licensing it to start your own climate journey, the BEE's nonprofit model of rapid estimation makes carbon measurement and action accessible to companies of any size.

A thank you to our volunteers

First, I want to note that this work is being done by our small internal team along with a tremendous group of volunteer contributors. The success of this approach has been really exciting to us and we’re grateful for the contributions of this group. If you know of anyone who would like to donate time and software engineering expertise, please reach out!

July 2022 Updates: 

User-driven improvements

After launching our third major release of the BEE, more than 200 certifying users used the tool to measure their 2021 emissions. They shared lots of great feedback with us and we’ve been able to implement usability improvements that will benefit all users. These include:

  • An updated submission flow | We heard from lots of users that it was difficult to remember to sync every scope and category individually. Now, from the review screen, you can sync 100% of your workbook data into the BEE with a single click. 
  • Improved error handling | We know that entering data into the workbook in exactly the correct format can be a pain point. Improved error handling shows you more helpful messages when you’ve made a mistake. Now, you’ll be taken directly to the line in your workbook causing problems and you’ll know exactly what to edit. 
  • Material reclassifications |  Materials previously categorized as being capital goods are now also available in scope 3, category 1 (purchased goods). This is helpful for finished electrical components that might be in your products, especially. 
Enhanced GHG reduction planning

In addition to usability, we’ve enhanced the tool and its ability to help our users to plan reduction measures. We’re very excited to share that now, users can do the following: 

  • View reduction recommendations | All BEE users can access our library of reduction recommendations through the “Review + Submit” screen. 
  • Filter emissions visualizations | Using new global filters for the “Review + Submit” screen, users can better pinpoint reduction measures by scope and category or by facility. 
Methodology improvements

We’ve also continued to refine our methodology and made small changes to better align to Greenhouse Gas protocol.

  • Improvements in heating value treatment | This one is wonky, but we’re now fully aligned to the Greenhouse Gas protocol on how we calculate emissions from fuels based on region and the application of either higher or lower heating value. 
  • Emission factors | We’ve taken a closer look at our library of monetary emission factors and based on our study of the data, we decided to audit the library for outliers. This affects future emissions calculations in small ways, but normalizes emissions across regions.

You can always reference our full methodology here.

New partnership with Novata

As we’ve built out the tool for our users, we’ve also announced our first technology partnership to license estimation in the BEE to Novata, a leading platform for ESG management for private companies. We’re very excited about the potential for this partnership to get more companies measuring their emissions. 

Finally … if you’re not a licensed user yet, we encourage you to consider it so that you can take advantage of everything in the tool, including all of the updates above! 

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