Beyond Business: How Booth & Partners Inspires Change Through Sustainability

Change Climate
January 24, 2024
Join us as we sit down with Jamie Booth, Co-Founder of Booth and Partners, as he shares how his company inspires change in the Philippines and beyond, fostering a commitment to corporate social responsibility, climate neutrality, and a sustainable future for all.

Booth and Partners help businesses achieve their goals by improving productivity and corporate focus through sourcing top-notch talent who can keep pace with the performance of an in-house team for a significantly lower cost. They are a proud supporting partner of The Change Climate Project.

You first became certified in 2021. Can you share more about your company?

Jamie: Booth & Partners was started a little over 10 years ago in a very entrepreneurial way, an opportunity that presented itself to solve a problem but with limited knowledge of what and how we could do it. The early years were all about being scrappy and refining our model into something our clients valued. This time was spent building a foundation for future success. Fast forward a few years and we had a viable model, but we wanted to do more as a business to be sustainable.

We drew inspiration from the concept of 'Planet,' making it one of the guiding pillars of our company, alongside 'People' and 'Prosperity.' Our values are grounded in these three key concepts. Embracing 'Planet' as one of our core missions, we took our commitment to the environment and local communities one step further. This became the start of our 1% For the Planet journey and, soon after, Change Climate. Both partnerships will continue to be an important part of operating a truly sustainable business.

What inspired your company to pursue climate neutrality and sustainability, and how did it become an integral part of your mission?

Jamie: We met with one of the founding members of Change Climate, Peter Dering of Peak Design, in their office in San Francisco. Pete, who is also a client of Booth & Partners, shared the story behind Change Climate and how it works. Being able to measure and offset our carbon emissions allows us to continue operating as a commercial business while actively seeking ways to reduce carbon emissions as a whole. It's our small contribution towards meeting global climate targets.

You mentioned a majority of your employees are located in the Philippines. Can you tell us about the typical business practices there and how you're inspiring change?

Jamie: We established our roots in the Philippines but recently expanded into the Colombian market. What drew us to the Philippines in the first place was the people. Filipinos are arguably the most joyful, hardworking, and resilient people, and since we wanted to start an operation that’s focused on empowering people, we thought that it was the best place to start.

In the Philippines, there’s a general lack of education regarding climate change and environmental protection. It’s also not a common practice among Philippine businesses to get sustainability certifications. We hope that we’re able to inspire change in other businesses through our own commitments to being Climate Neutral Certified and working with 1% for the Planet.

We admire your company-wide Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. How do you inspire and empower your employees to value environmental responsibility?

Jamie: Our corporate social responsibility is one of our main purposes as a company. We always ensure that our goals, initiatives, management, and policies are geared toward driving CSR and sustainability throughout our organization.

Having healthy CSR activities in place is our way of taking part in causes we care most about as a business. CSR initiatives that align with our core values strengthen our company culture by empowering our employees on an individual level because they are given the platform to make a difference socially and environmentally.

As of now, we are committed to donating 1% of our revenue to support the work of non-profit organizations and are taking active steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We hope that through these commitments and our company-wide CSR activities such as beach cleanups, sustainability workshops, and tree planting, we can inspire our people to instill the same sense of urgency and responsibility in our employees to make a positive impact socially and environmentally.

What's next for Booth & Partners?

Jamie: As a growing business, we know it’s more important than ever to stay true to our commitments to The Change Climate Project, as well as 1% for the Planet. We are working on obtaining our B Corp certification, which looks beyond just environmental responsibility but captures social responsibility, diversity, benefits, accountability, and transparency. Through our actions, we hope to inspire Filipinos and other Philippine businesses to take the same steps we have on our environmental and social responsibility journey.

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