VIDEO: Carbon Measurement with the Business Emissions Evaluator (BEE)

Austin Whitman
July 20, 2023
In this special video feature, sustainability leaders from Banza and Simple Human share detail on their organizational carbon measurement journeys. Hear why they trust the Business Emissions Evaluator (BEE) and how they've used it to accelerate their climate action work.

We recently sat down with Sophie Rifkin, Sr. Director of Sustainability at Banza, and John Mathai, Sustainability Manager at Simple Human, to understand how they use the BEE to evolve their climate action strategies. This conversation was fun, insightful, and packed with detail on their organizational carbon measurement journeys. They shared behind-the-scenes insight on:

  • Why they decided to use the BEE to measure their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
  • Details on a few of their favorite BEE features
  • How the BEE's accessible price point has enabled them to focus budget on climate solutions (vs. software)
  • Ways they've used BEE data to identify where to invest in reductions work
  • Techniques they've used to advance climate reporting and internal communication initiatives using BEE learnings

Simple Human has been a BEE user for multiple years, and Banza will be entering their second year using the tool shortly. Let's jump in to learn how each leading organization uses BEE data to accelerate their climate action work.

Sophie and John mentioned new BEE features that Climate Neutral introduced this year. You can check out a summary of those updates here and preview additional data visuals.

If you are one of our regular software users, we invite you to jump into your account. If you’ve been thinking about leveling-up your organization’s climate action, now is the time. Create a free account and begin estimating your emissions with the BEE.

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About the Author

Austin Whitman
CEO, Change Climate

Austin Whitman is the CEO of The Change Climate Project. He started working on climate and clean energy 19 years ago and believes companies and individuals can make a huge difference for the climate if they're just shown how. When he's not engrossed in organization-building, he's probably with his family or being an amateur at one of his many hobbies.

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