Climate Neutral Certified

Last updated: August 30, 2021.
Applies to brands completing certification in 2022 for their 2021 emissions.
For brands certifying in 2023, see
this page.

Annual Certification and Brand License Fee

The Certification and Brand License Fee is based on the total carbon footprint of the brand seeking certification. There is a minimum fee of $750.

Emissions (metric tonnes)
Cost per metric tonne
First 5,000
Next 25,000
Next 170,000
Tonnes above 200,000

What This Includes

Annual Certification

Everything you need to complete the certification program, including extensive online and offline resources to help you measure, offset, and reduce your emissions.

Brand License

A one-year brand license for the Climate Neutral Certified label.

Marketing Resources

Participation in marketing and consumer engagement campaigns designed to raise awareness of your brand’s climate work. Assets to help you announce and promote your status as a Climate Neutral Certified brand.

The Business Emissions Evaluator

Medium and large certified brands (annual revenues >$5m USD) receive access to the carbon measurement platform, the Business Emissions Evaluator (BEE), as long as their certification is current.

The Climate Neutral Carbon Credit Portfolio

Access to a portfolio of carbon credits that are selected and procured by Climate Neutral. You will receive communications materials to help tell the story of the projects you supported.

Educational Programs

A full library of educational resources and events - from our large Slack community to workshops, content, and events.


  • The Certification and Brand License Fee does not include the cost to buy eligible verified carbon credits.
  • For first-time certifying brands, the minimum fee of $750 is due upon commitment when you sign the Brand License Agreement.
  • The remaining fee, if applicable, is invoiced at the end of the certification process.
  • If you begin certification and choose not to complete it, you will be responsible for a partial certification fee of $750 (applies only to brands with revenues >$5m USD).
  • Nonprofit organizations with footprints under 1,000 tonnes receive a 50% discount on the certification and brand license fee.

Join Us

The Business Emissions Evaluator (BEE)

Annual subscription to Climate Neutral's carbon measurement tool. For users seeking to measure their company's carbon footprint without pursuing certification.

Annual User License for the
Business Emissions Evaluator


  • End-to-end tool for measuring your brand’s cradle-to-customer carbon emissions

  • A full Measurement Guide, including step by step video instruction guides and FAQ

  • Online chat-based support and Q&A

  • An invitation to our #measure Slack channel for additional support

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