Voluntary action is now mandatory.

For years, people thought that climate change was someone else’s problem to solve. With time running short, it’s everyone’s problem now. And with the solutions that exist, it’s also everyone’s opportunity.
It’s true that climate change has never been worse. But we’ve never had better tools to deal with it.
So let’s deal with it. Right now.

The sooner we start,
the easier it will be.

Most people are worried about the harm from climate change, and believe that companies should do more about it. So thousands of companies have set net-zero pledges for the future: 2030, 2040, and 2050.

We challenge you to show us a 30-year plan that was ever fulfilled. Far-off promises just aren't enough. Climate plans that take early and aggressive action will make future work easier. There is no reason to wait.

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Reduce, Compensate, Repeat.

Companies must reduce their emissions in line with science. Some reductions are easy. But the biggest reductions are hard, take time to plan, and contain unknowns. And they require collective action.

So as reduction plans take shape, it's critical to compensate for historical emissions. Otherwise we're leaving more uncertainty than we need.

Carbon accountability involves companies investing within and beyond their value chain. If consumers demand this higher standard, they will get companies to do more.

When this happens, it will transform energy and industry, launch new technologies, and preserve entire ecosystems. More people will be better off. Our beautiful planet will thrive.

Together, we can accelerate the change we need to eliminate carbon emissions. We can choose to stabilize the climate. Starting now.

You can afford to do it.
We can't afford not to.

Climate solutions aren't free. But piece by piece, the price of dealing with carbon emissions is small compared to the price of everyday things.

One foamy latte costs you $5 and generates about 0.6 kg of carbon. One fancy shirt costs you $50 and creates about 6 kg of carbon emissions.

With solutions available today, a company can compensate for those carbon emissions for less than 50 cents. It's something every company should be doing as we build toward a net-zero future.

It’s time to start accounting for the carbon emissions embedded within every product. It costs less than you think. Much less than the price of inaction.

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