Commons Launches Sustainable Brands Feature; Helps People Find Climate Neutral Brands

Ellie Read
August 25, 2023
Climate Neutral and Commons have teamed up to make it easier for people to find brands that are taking immediate action to address their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Climate Neutral and Commons (known previously as Joro) were both founded in 2018.  Since then, we have each worked hard to make it easier for companies and individuals to understand how consumer behavior contributes to climate change. 

It is exciting to announce that we are now collaborating in this quest by making Climate Neutral Certified brand information easily accessible within the Commons app!  By teaming up, we’re making it clear to people that some companies are taking immediate actions to address their GHG emissions—and others aren't. 

Individuals who want to reduce their personal contributions to climate change can (and should) support companies that regularly measure, reduce, and compensate for their climate impacts. We are looking forward to building out this collaboration to motivate more companies to become climate leaders.

Read the original announcement from below for full detail.

‍For most of us, our spending is the most accessible way to take daily climate action. That’s why Commons is focused on making sustainable spending easy. 

Today, we’re excited to launch a directory of over 300 sustainable brands. With the new Brands tab, our goal is to help you see through the greenwashing and make it easier to support sustainable brands you can trust.

We’ve chosen trusted brands that are actually doing the work to lower global emissions. When you choose these brands, you’ll support a greener economy and lower your carbon footprint while you’re at it.


You don’t need to spend more money to take action on the climate crisis. In fact, the most sustainable thing you can do is buy less. 

So why is Commons launching a feature to help you shop? While we can do what we can to buy less, we still need to spend money. 

Our household spending influences over 65% of global emissions. Every time we buy something is an opportunity to divert our money away from unsustainable supply chains and ensure that our hard-earned cash goes toward brands that are leaving the world better than they found it. 

Choosing sustainable companies is a critical way to take collective climate action. By aligning our money with our morals, we measurably lower global emissions.

With the launch of Sustainable Brands, Commons is making it easier to choose the more sustainable option when you spend money. 

Download the app to browse 300+ sustainable brands → 


With Commons’ new feature, you can browse over 300 brands across Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Food & Drink, Household, Utilities, Travel, and more. When it’s time to replace your old sneakers, replenish your pantry, or even your glasses, Commons’ Brands tab is the best place to start your search for sustainable options.

Purchases from these sustainable brands have a measurably lower carbon footprint, because they are either advancing low-carbon business models or using sustainable practices in their supply chain and responsibly offsetting their emissions.

Card-connected users will see Sustainable Brands purchases highlighted in their transactions and be able to track their emissions savings over time. 


Commons chooses brands that measurably reduce global emissions and responsibly steward our shared resources. Currently, we choose brands that meet at least one of these criteria: 

  • Climate Neutral Certified: They have a Climate Neutral Certification, which means they measure, reduce, and offset the emissions of their entire operation. That means purchases from these brands have a carbon footprint of zero.
  • Low-emission industries: These are industries like public transit or secondhand stores. These business models are inherently low-carbon, systemic solutions.


As always, our team is already exploring more ways to help you buy less, buy better, and shrink your carbon footprint. We’d love to hear what you think! Drop us a line any time.

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About the Author

Ellie Read
Certification Director

Ellie is an accomplished product manager with experience scaling tech solutions for impact. Ski fanatic, ocean lover, and passionate believer in the potential for corporate action against the climate crisis, Ellie has an MBA in Sustainable Solutions. She is always seeking ways to improve her impact, her team, and her dog's falsetto, and loves a good high five.

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