Greg Andeck

Our partnerships leader, Greg brings nearly two decades of nonprofit experience working on corporate, consumer, and policy solutions to the climate crisis. He loves to find opportunities for uncommon bedfellows to work together to protect the environment. Greg and his family can be found exploring the mountains and coast in North Carolina and searching out epic wilderness areas in Argentina.


Climate Neutral 2023 Public Input

We want to hear from you. How are you feeling about climate change? What does the Climate Neutral Certified Label mean to you? Add your voice. Ten minutes of your time will make a world of difference.

Greg Andeck
June 16, 2023

FTC Green Guides Explained and 3 Ways Companies Can Avoid Greenwashing

In this Q&A, Climate Neutral's Director of Partnerships, Greg Andeck, summarizes what you should know about the FTC Green Guides and offers three tips for making high integrity climate claims.

Greg Andeck
May 12, 2023

Climate Neutral and Novata Expand Partnership to Simplify Carbon Accounting

Our partnership with Novata is entering its second year. Together, we're increasing impact by making carbon measurement even more accessible and helping companies accelerate their climate journeys faster.

Greg Andeck
March 22, 2023

Climate Neutral and Planet FWD Team Up to Accelerate the Decarbonization of Consumer Companies

We're combining Climate Neutral’s trusted climate label with Planet FWD’s scientific rigor to expand consumer confidence in ESG-related claims and accelerate our mission to eliminate emissions.

Greg Andeck
March 2, 2023