Meet the Latest Cohort of Climate Neutral Certified Brands!

Alicia Rodriguez
November 28, 2023
Since August 2023, 74 companies have successfully achieved the prestigious Climate Neutral Certification by measuring their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, developing Reduction Action Plans, and investing in verified carbon offset projects.

In a world increasingly shaped by the profound impacts of climate change, the urgency for meaningful action has never been more apparent. Against this backdrop, the labeling of companies as Climate Neutral Certified holds pivotal significance. The Climate Neutral Certified label symbolizes a commitment beyond rhetoric - it’s a proactive commitment to combat climate change and chart a course towards a more sustainable and resilient planet.

We’re proud to announce our latest cohort of Climate Neutral Certified brands. Since August 2023, 74 companies have successfully worked to meet the Climate Neutral Certified Standard by: 

  1. Measuring their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions generated from making and delivering products and services
  2. Developing time-bound Reduction Action Plans to reduce their emissions over the next 12-24 months and setting longer term reduction targets
  3. Compensating for their 2022 climate impacts by investing in eligible verified carbon offset projects that remove and avoid emissions 

These companies join our family of over 322 brands (and counting!) that are currently Climate Neutral Certified. Together they measured and offset 1,293,501 tonnes of carbon to account for the impacts of their last year's operations!

We’re excited to introduce the 31 companies below that have become Climate Neutral Certified for the very first time:



Pavi Lustig

Langly's Gin

Trouvaille Consultants

mini mioche

GreenStep Solutions Inc.


Emerger Strategies

Independent Record Pressing

Sunset Lake Cannabis, LLC


Xocolatl Chocolate

Technikal Support, LLC


Nuttch Inc.

ClearSky Limited

Experience Momentum



Pine & Palm Home




Elm Organics Norway

Kindship Group



The Resell Club

Botanica Wines

Sustainability Accelerator


We are equally thrilled to acknowledge the 43 recertifying companies that have fulfilled their annual Climate Neutral Certified requirements. The commitment demonstrated by these brands shows their dedication to climate action and unwavering resolve to decarbonize their organizations, contributing to a more sustainable planet for all.

Elizabeth Suzann

Engedi Salon


Pacific Watch Co


Hikers Brew Coffee


Everywhere Apparel, Inc

Aquila's Nest Vineyards

Oxygen Plus, Inc.

Collins Hume


Pela Case

Ministry of Supply

All Good

Hibear Outdoors

Numi Organic Tea

OSEA Malibu



Borough Furnace Inc.


The Chris Bertish Foundation


Barrett Dixon Bell Limited

Bonterra Organic Vineyards


Whitewater Brewing

Sterling Rope

Laid Back Snacks Inc.


Point B


Rizos Curls

Clove & Twine


Stubble and Co.

Someone Somewhere


Native Maps


For a full list of Climate Neutral Certified brands, search our Certified Brand Directory at

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About the Author

Alicia Rodriguez
Certification Program Manager

Craft beer aficionado with a strong passion for her Puerto Rican culture, Alicia brings experience in project management and customer service and holds an MBA in Sustainable Innovation. She looks to create impact and apply intersectionality to everything she does, and believes that everyone can—and should—find a role in addressing the climate crisis.

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